Version 1.5 is Out!

This release brings a new features and a lot of improvements and bugfixes. We strongly recommend that users from old versions take a look at the manuals to see details about what have changed. There's also a migration procedure at the end of this page. These are the most relevant changes:

  • The Toolbar was reorganized, to improve the access to some important feature like the special explorers and the specialized modules.



  • The Object View was redesigned, and its usability was improved. Apart from using the Object View to create new connections, you can also launch the wizard from any tree just selecting two objects. The view must be launched from a tree or search result, so you can have multiple object views open at the same time.



  • The Connection Wizard was simplified and improved. You can use templates and build complex containment structures with containers (like Conduit ⇒ Tube ⇒ Buffer ⇒ Strand). You can also edit (connect/disconnect) the endpoints of a physical link at any moment.



  • The Rack View was redesigned. It now supports ascending and descending rack unit numbering and the elements inside the rack can be selected. The view also supports 0-RU elements, which won't be rendered. The view must be launched from a tree or search result, so you can have multiple rack views open at the same time.



  • Support for unique and mandatory attributes.



  • Create multiple inventory objects in a single action, using a custom naming pattern.



  • There's a new Favorites module to avoid expanding the Navigation Tree to access the most frequently used objects.
  • A new Projects module that allows you to create projects, activities and associate the inventory assets related to them.
  • The User Manager was rewritten. Although the fine-grained privileges feature is still in development, the overall structure of the module was revamped and it's the foundation for the more complex auhentication and authorization capabilities to be enabled in coming releases.
  • Better Relationships and Special Children explorers. Now you can also explore upwards in the containment hierarchy using the Relationships Explorer, as well as manipulate more easily the special children using the Special Children explorer (specially useful to edit the structure of physical containers). There's also a new graphical Relationships Explorer to undertand better how the objects are related each other according to the Data Model.
  • You can now customize the color of connections in views (Object Views, SDH, MPLS, etc) using the color of the respective class as set in the Data Model Manager.
  • You can access now the details of a list type using the "..." button next to the value in the Properties window, instead of having to open the List Type Manager to do it.
  • Although it's the first version and you can expect improvements in coming releases, you can now create rules to enforce the compatibility of connectors in physical connections. For example, you can now configure that OpticalLinks with a given connector type can only be connected to OpticalPorts with a compatible connector.
  • The client can now be updated using an Update Center, instead of installing it from scratch every time an update is available.
  • In this version you can add charts to the reports. The Reporting API was expanded, as well as the Persistence API.
  • The client and server are licensed EPL/GPLv3 instead of EPL/GPLv2 to fully comply with third-party, open-source components.
  • The Web Service API was vastly improved and extended.
  • Many bug fixes and code clean up.

Migration Procedure

If you are upgrading from version 1.0, 1.1 or 1.1.1, you need to run a couple patches before you can use version 1.5. Follow these steps:

We are eager to hear your thoughts on the new version! The install bundle also contains the manuals. Download it from here and leave your comments using our community channels.