Kuwaiba 1.6 Release Notes - 2018/02/27

Download binaries + manuals in a single bundle here.

New Features

Upgrade Instructions

In order to use the Device layouts feature, Kuwaiba 1.5 users should apply the following patches (http://localhost:8080/kuwaiba → Apply Patches):

Coming Versions

There will be a maintenance release (1.6.1) to fix bugs and improve the performance of new features such as device layouts, complex rack views or the sync framework. This version should be published in late April. However, most of the efforts will be focused on the next big branch, Kuwaiba 2.0. This major release will drop support for Java 7 and will upgrade to Neo4J 3.3, Netbeans Platform 8.2 and switch from JSF to Vaadin. The idea is to migrate progressively to an all-web interface and support mobile clients via a responsive HTML5 application. In the first attempt we plan to have a working OSP (Outside Plant) module and provide support for what we call portals, which are basically custom GUIs designed (and customized) depending on the user role (for example, a portal for data entry staff would be focused on easing the input of informtaion, while a portal for a manager would be focused on displaying PKIs, charts, etc). These and many other features are planned and we hope all our community to help us shape the next-generation Kuwaiba :)



Send us an email to contact@neotropic.co to know more details about our commercial offer.



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