Building From Source


Prepare the dependencies as shown in the Administrator's Manual:

Configuring the IDE

  1. Get Netbeans 8.0.2 and install it along with the latest updates. You could also use a newer version of Netbeans, but odds are that you find mismatches in the modules versions when compiling the client that are not worth fixing if you just want to get the code running quickly. Download the "Java EE" flavor, which already includes most of the plugins you will need, plus Glassfish Server 4.1.

    When you are prompted to select the application servers to be installed, don't forget to choose Glassfish 4.1.

  2. Copy the libraries from Neo4J into the Glassfish's domain1's lib directory (as instructed in the Administrator's Manual).
  3. Download Groovy 2.4.7 (superior versions may work, but haven't been tested), JBCrypt 0.4, and JDK 7 (if you want your builds to be compatible with Java 7).
  4. Open Netbeans and go to Tools ⇒ Libraries and create the following libraries (note that the names are case-sensitive):
    • Neo4J (pointing to the lib directory of your Neo4J installation)

    • JBcrypt 0.4 (pointing to the corresponding JBCrypt jar file)
    • CDI-API (pointing to <glassfish_install_dir>/glassfish/modules/cdi-api.jar)
  5. Optional (If you also installed Java 7 and want to provide compatibility for it): Go to Tools ⇒ Java Platforms, click "Add Platform..." and search for your JDK 7 installation. If you don't follow this step, when you open the projects, a warning will be displayed because the JDK_7 platform can not be found. Simply change the default Java platform to whatever version you had installed.

Compiling and Executing

  1. Checkout the code from the SVN tree in separate directories:
    • Server: svn checkout
    • Client: svn checkout
  2. Open the server project and compile it. If the database is in place, the application should be deployed and started successfully.
  3. Open the client project and compile it. It should run out of the box. If you get any errors regarding dependencies and versions, make sure you have installed the latest Netbeans updates and restarted the IDE after installing them.

Additional Notes