Class ViewWidgetRegistry

  • @Service
    public class ViewWidgetRegistry
    extends Object
    Widgets with object-related views exposed by modules are to be registered here, so they can be embedded or added to context menus at will.
    Charles Edward Bedon Cortazar <>
    • Constructor Detail

      • ViewWidgetRegistry

        public ViewWidgetRegistry()
    • Method Detail

      • getViewWidgetsApplicableTo

        public List<AbstractObjectRelatedViewWidget> getViewWidgetsApplicableTo​(String filter)
        Checks what object-related widgets are associated to a given inventory class. For example, ObjectView to any ViewableObject or RackView to Rack.
        filter - The class to be evaluated.
        The actions that can be executed from an instance of the given class or superclass.
      • registerWidget

        public void registerWidget​(AbstractObjectRelatedViewWidget widget)
        Adds a object-related widget to the registry. This method also feeds the detailed view map cache structure, which is a hash map which keys are all the possible super classes the detailed views are applicable to and the keys are the corresponding detailed views.
        widget - The widget to be added. Duplicated view ids are not allowed.