Get Started

Kuwaiba is an enterprise grade, open source Network Inventory System (which covers some aspects of NGOSS/Frameworx), built on top of the Netbeans Platform and Java EE, focused on scalability, reliability, usability and interoperability. Some of the features that can be found in the current version (also detailed in this Product Overview) are:

  • Dynamic object-oriented data model, easily extensible at design and run time supporting multiple technologies across all layers of the OSI model.

  • Support for physical connections (cables, fiber optics, radio links, ducts, etc) and views.

  • Support for hierarchical, graphical and detailed views

  • Configurable containment hierarchy to specify what element can be parent of what other elements (cities into states, switches into racks, etc).

  • Graphical query designer

  • Service Manager.

  • Contract Manager.

  • IP Address Manager.

  • SDH Manager.

  • Basic MPLS support.

  • Logical topology designer.

  • Rack occupation views.

  • Software asset management capabilities

  • Graphical physical trace views

  • Bulk upload support

  • Reports

  • Templates

Our data model currently supports these technologies:

  • Mobile networks (2G/3G/4G)

  • IP networks

  • SDH/SONET Networks

  • GPON networks

  • DWDM networks (Partial support)

  • MPLS (Partial support)


If you want to help us modeling a new technology or adding a new feature, drop us an email at pm at kuwaiba dot org

If you are a user, the best way to start is to install and use the system! Get the manuals and installers from the Downloads zone. Visit our Community section to know more about how to interact with the developers and other users.